Reason behind joining Politics, By Shri Ramesh Bhutani

For the past two years millions of common Indians came out on streets to fight against the biggest evil in our country today – corruption. This people’s anti-corruption movement has exposed the ugly and greedy face of our politicians. No political party in India today works for the common man’s needs. The Janlokpal Movement was a call to all the politicians of India to listen to the common man’s plea. For almost 2 years we tried every single way available to plead our cause to the government – peaceful protesting, courting arrest, indefinite fasting several rounds of negotiations with the ruling government – we tried everything possible to convince the government to form a strong anti- corruption law. But despite the huge wave of public support in favour of a strong anti-corruption law, all political parties cheated the people of India and deliberately sabotaged the Janlokpal Bill. The time for peaceful fasts and protests is gone. This is the time for action. Since most political parties are corrupt, greedy and thick skinned, it’s time to bring political power back into the people’s hands. We are not saying that every single politician is corrupt and greedy. There are many good intentioned people in politics today who want to work honestly for the people of India. But the current system of polity does not allow honest politicians to function. We are also not claiming that every single person who joins our party will be hundred percent honest. We are saying that it is the system that has become very corrupt and needs to be changed immediately. Our aim in entering politics is not to come to power; we have entered politics to change the current corrupt and self-serving system of politics forever. So that no matter who comes to power in the future, the system is strong enough to withstand corruption at any level of governance.


Article Published on Times of India: Little maintenance over years, INA Market flith

Ruhi Bhasin, TNN Jul 17, 2011, 06.45am IST

NEW DELHI: This is a favourite destination for Delhi’s diplomats and foreign tourists to do grocery shopping. But over the years, the high-end INA Market has deteriorated a lot because of lack of proper maintenance — it now reeks of filth with sewer lines overflowing everywhere.

With no civic agency coming forward to take the responsibility and the traders still fighting for their lease deed copies, the association of Indian National Army Market has moved the high court to settle the issues.

“Our market has been ignored by all government agencies for years now. It lacks even the basic civic amenities. We have had to collect money from the traders in the area to create a proper sewage system. We have also pitched in to construct public urinals in the area. With no one willing to carry out the maintenance, we have had to approach the high court,” said Ramesh Bhutani, the president of the INA Market traders association. According to the association, the case will come up again on October 17.

The traders allege they have built the sewage system with their limited means but the system is not connected with the sewage lines of the surrounding areas. “There is no proper outlet for the sewage system. It reeks of filth and dirt and there is stagnant water everywhere. So many diplomats visit the market but no one has bothered with improving the condition of the market. They would rather have people walking around with a cloth or hands over their mouths to keep the foul smell at bay,” said the owner of Krishan Lal Masala Store, Kamal Sharma. The traders claim their market is under the Land & Development Office and has not been transferred to any civic body as yet.

The market has 275 shops which sell imported grocery products, poultry and seafood among other things. “We have been running after all civic agencies to resolve the maintenance problem but no one is willing to do anything. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is more than willing to collect the property tax and the licence fees from us but distances itself from the market beyond this. The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC), which is responsible for parking, has at least improved that area besides upgrading the footpaths,” said Bhutani.

MCD had promised to improve the area by constructing fancy kiosks before the Commonwealth Games but nothing has been done so far. “We are in the process of setting up 151 kiosks. These kiosks will be the temporary tehbazaari sites which will be allocated to the vendors in the area. As far as maintenance of the market is concerned, it is not under us. It is a Central Public Works Department market,” said MCD spokesperson Deep Mathur.

“We have been fighting for the ownership rights of our shops. We paid money in the early 90s to enable the government to lease out these shops to us. But this never happened,” said Surinder Dua, the owner of Vishal Silk Store. Dua said that with the presence of

Several chicken and meat shops and lack of proper waste disposal, the market emanates a foul smell all the time.

Women Empowerment: Views of Shri Ramesh Bhutani

Today we all talk about woman empowerment, but do we really wish to empower the woman?
Have we taken any serious step to do so?
The first thing we need to understand that first we should learn to respect a woman, and we have to start this at home.
In every relation woman is the one at the giving side as a mother, as a daughter, as a sister as a companion. And men are always at the receiving end, as a father brother, husband, son.
Now when we respect the woman at home we learn and teach people around us to respect the woman.
Woman is worshiped in a temple and abused on the road. Is this what we have in our Indian culture?
Women need not be worshiped but YES should be respected.
We should treat them equally at work, at home, at road and everywhere.
Few thoughts from my diary about woman empowerment, I firmly believe that women in our country is the real future, giving respect to them is giving respect to the nation, come join hands with me and strengthen the nation on women empowerment, Jai hind.