Internal Lokpal

Procedure for Receiving and Disposing Complaints

As per constitution, National Lokpal consists of a maximum of 3 members. It is required to enquire into complaints of violation of Code of conduct by any of the National Executive members.

Presently, National Lokpal is a 2 member body. The two members are –Admiral Ramdas

Ex. Navy Chief Admiral Ramdas has agreed to become National Lokpal for the Aam Aadmi Party.

Dr. Ilina Sen

She is an internationally known feminist scholar, human-rights activist, and an author. Dr. Sen has worked for more than three decades among some of India’s most impoverished and socially stigmatized populations and manages the NGO Rupantar. Presented as part of the Town Hall Civics series with AID India and Asha. She is also a professor at Tata Institute of Social Studies and has agreed to become National Lokpal for the Aam Aadmi Party.

The Lokpal had its first meeting on 28 Nov at 7 pm and adopted the following procedure for receiving and disposing complaints –

Any complainant could make a complaint pertaining to violation of Code of Conduct as defined in the constitution of the Party (Article VI A), to the Secretary of the Party in writing along with an affidavit and all the evidence either through email or send the complaint at A 119, Kaushambi, Ghaziabad -201010, UP.

Lokpal would not entertain a complaint directly from the Secretariat of the Party. There ought to be a complainant.
After receipt of such a complaint, the Secretary may video record the statement of complainant depending on the seriousness of the complaint.
Such complaints will be examined in the office of the Secretariat and will be forwarded to the Lokpal along with its observations/comments.
Secretary, in consultation with all Lokpal members and as per their convenience, would call a meeting of Lokpal.
Lokpal would decide if there is prima facie case or not. After deciding they will proceed accordingly either to enquire or reject the complaint. For reaching out any conclusion Lokpal will adopt appropriate methods suitable to the complaint and the circumstances.
If they find that no prima facie case is made out, Lokpal could dismiss the complaint. However, reasons for doing so would be recorded.
After completion of enquiries, lokpal will pass an order, which shall be binding on the Party.


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