Women Empowerment: Views of Shri Ramesh Bhutani

Today we all talk about woman empowerment, but do we really wish to empower the woman?
Have we taken any serious step to do so?
The first thing we need to understand that first we should learn to respect a woman, and we have to start this at home.
In every relation woman is the one at the giving side as a mother, as a daughter, as a sister as a companion. And men are always at the receiving end, as a father brother, husband, son.
Now when we respect the woman at home we learn and teach people around us to respect the woman.
Woman is worshiped in a temple and abused on the road. Is this what we have in our Indian culture?
Women need not be worshiped but YES should be respected.
We should treat them equally at work, at home, at road and everywhere.
Few thoughts from my diary about woman empowerment, I firmly believe that women in our country is the real future, giving respect to them is giving respect to the nation, come join hands with me and strengthen the nation on women empowerment, Jai hind.


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