Establishment of INA Market and Contribution of Shri Ramesh Bhutani:

Ramesh Bhutani the name people of INA Market & nearby areas have been vouching for now more than 3 decades says Madan Lal, General Secretary of INA Traders Association, remembering the days of Mandal Commission told us that during that tenure under the guidance of our President Sh. Ramesh Bhutani we got tents installed for the college students and Mr. Bhutani guided them to stop violence and extended his support to students by arranging food, blankets and space with tents installed for them. He adds that there have been a number of more incidents during his long tenure like the fire gutted thrice in the market and Mr.  Bhutani was one person who got involved every time problems occured and did fight with the DESU to get new wires installed in the market so as to safe guard the market from fire incidents It is Mr. Bhutani’s effort that the markets of New Delhi & South Delhi which were alloted by the Estate Dept. to the refugees and other people in 60’s that got them ownership rights of their shops. He is still fighting for the rights of markets awaiting ownership including INA Market, which was stalled by Sh. Ajay Maken on the pretext of rebuilding the market as a mall. Neither there is a plan for a mall nor the market has been given ownership rights even after depositing the money 10 years back, tells us the market Vice President Sh. K.L. Sachdeva owner of Lucky General Store.

On being investigating the famous meat market situated in the last of INA Market we were shocked to know that despite the court orders neither PWD, MCD nor NDMC is maintaining the market and according to Mr. Qureshi it is the President Mr. Bhutani who with the support of association has been maintaining the sewers, toilets, cleaning, barsaatis and rain water drainage on their own.

If this is the condition of one the most famous and prestigious markets of New Delhi what could be situation in the interiors of the city adds Qureshi.


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