Corruption: Views of Shri Ramesh Bhutani

Corruption is something which has weakened our system from inside, corruption has made its root deep inside our system from a peon to the minister. It cannot be eradicated in a month or 2, but we have to start working on it from today, we have to understand that to remove corruption we have to come together and promise ourselves that come what may, WE WILL NOT PAY BRIBE. This way we can deal with the corruption on ground basis and in day to day affairs of public dealing. The bigger issue is corruption at higher levels at ministerial levels, where there are deals worth of thousands of crores, like the defence purchases, the CWG expenses in 2010, tendering of projects like highways worth hundreds of crores. And to tackle this corruption we need to have a very strong LOKPAL and make every public servant accountable for any wrong decision which is not in the favour of the country We should look into not only making of strong anti-corruption laws but we have to make it sure that they are implemented very strongly.

AAP deeply believes that entrepreneurship and industry are the life blood of the economy. What they are against is companies indulging in corruption – paying political parties to seek favours, bringing their way to contracts etc. Since the AAP has exposed corruption by large industrial houses there is false propaganda that they are against industry. This is completely untrue. The reality is that many of established industrial houses are products of the license raj. They have grown and thrived by nurturing corruption.


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